Ancient spirits of the mountains, the Oread call us to the beauty of the high and wild places.

Our spirit summons the pure essences of aromatic roots, spices, and flowers. We've combined Roman Chamomile Galanga, Star Anise, Orange Peel, and eight more herbs and spices to produce an all botanical liqueur of rare charm.

Adapted from a set of classic recipes from the rich tradition of 19th Century Danzig Liqueurs, our first LONG LOST™ release pulls from the rich traditions of the old world, now resurrected for the wild high country of the Mountain West.


Tasting Notes

Nose: A color burst of aroma on the nose, dominated by sweet orange peel and sage, with a hint of chamomile.

Flavor: Star anise is the forward flavor sitting on a wide base of spice, citrus, herbs, and aromatic roots like ginger and galanga. Caramel in color with a mild sweetness. Botanical flavors do all the heavy lifting here.

Proof: Bottled at 35% Alcohol / 70 proof.


Oread Cocktail Recipes

Alan Scott