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You’ve left the main road to head into the backcountry of the Waterpocket Fold. A puzzle of sandstone with twisted slot canyons, hidden hollows, and high walls stand to your right. A wide valley filled with a jigsaw puzzle of mismatched geologic puzzle pieces opens to your left. Beyond, an isolated set of peaks houses a wild herd of pure blood bison, hidden here long ago for their protection. And the road to Bullfrog winds a hundred miles into the little explored backcountry ahead.

This magical place helped inspire Waterpocket Distillery®. But it was also the journey which led us here: the memories of an alpine herb liqueur on the slopes of the Pyrenees, a sip of a farmer’s plum brandy on the country roads of Slovakia, or the aroma of anisette drifting to our table from a group

of old men wearing berets in Southern France. Our passion is to create a distillery which captures these moments of discovery and shares them with a local group of real people who share our love of fascinating spirits, adventure, and Utah.

Our HOUSE SPIRITS will reflect this interest in new experiences; whether from a fresh take on an old classic, a stateside recreation of a hidden gem from overseas, or a spirit sourced from the fields and orchards of Utah.  We may just wander into some new territory here, but we promise the journey will be memorable. Grab your gear and prepare for a journey away from the everyday. Our motto is OPEN WILD™, so OPEN your mind and your taste buds because WILD and wonderful taste experiences are waiting for you.



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