Cocoa & Rum

Cocoa Beans & Grounds
...the possibilities are endless with this innovative craft spirit...
— Alan Scott

Following on the success of batch one of our Coffee & Rum™, we’ve developed a sister product made with Cocoa. Cocoa & Rum (coming soon) is designed to be a decadent sipper, it’s rich in cocoa flavor from Caribbean trinitario cocoa beans.

We roasted the lightly fermented & sun-dried beans in-house then macerated them in our house-made rum made from turbinado sugar and blackstrap molasses. Part of the cocoa is distilled in our small still, then the final blend is rounded out with rum that's been aged in Robbers Roost™ whiskey barrels.

Relatively low in sugar for a liqueur, this one is designed to be wonderful straight out of the bottle or over a little ice. But the possibilities are endless with this innovative craft spirit.

This is a special release…it may be a little while until we make it again. And like our Coffee & Rum™ it will only available at the distillery package store. 

Alan Scott