Neutral Spirits & Liqueurs

Our stills are designed to create an aromatic spirit.
— Alan Scott

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Neither of our stills is designed to produce a "neutral" spirit. Really we have the opposite...ours are designed to create an aromatic spirit, while rectifying to a high degree. A neutral spirit still strips out impurities and flavors...until you end up with a highly purified and neutral. A quick way to identify a neutralizing / purifying still is by counting the number of "plates" it has (usually by counting portals on the stills) on vertical columns. Such stills are very expensive...and do the opposite of what we want...which is to preserve flavors in distillates.

So we outsource our Grain Neutral Spirits as a commodity.  Traditional liqueur and gin makers did this for hundreds of years.

We could turn our Grain Netural Spirits (GNS) into vodka by filtering it or re-distilling it through our still. In the latter case we could even claim it as Distilled by us, even though we did not perform the original fermentations from raw material.

But GNS will form the basis of many of our liqueurs and gins, where a neutral base spirit is needed as a "blank canvas." This is a traditional practice and in no way compromises the concept of "craft" for these products.


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